Workshop venue

The WITMSE 2015 workshop will be held at Niels Brock, Copenhagen Business College, Copenhagen, Denmark. The address is Niels Brock, Nørre Voldgade 34, 1358 København K. This in in the center of Copenhagen. All WITMSE sessions will take place in room xxx.

Please wear your badge: it will be your pass to all events.

How to get to Copenhagen?

  • Copenhagen International Airport (CPH)

How to get to the hotels and the workshop venue from the airport?

  • Take the Metro from the airport to Nørreport Station. From there is five minutes walk to the workshop.
  • Take the train from the airport to Copenhagen Central Station. From Copenhagen Central Station one can walk 20 min. to the workshop, or one can take a train to Nørreport Station and walk 5 minutes to the workshop
  • Taxi service is available from the airport. Train or Metro is normally faster so taking a taxi is only relevant if you are going for a hotel that is not near a station.

Local information